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Luv Mutts is a volunteer group reaching out to the community with their well trained canine companion Therapy Dog Teams to help children, hospice families, the aged, the debilitated and those in substance recovery. It functions under The Dandy Dawgs Therapy Teams Network.

Luv Mutts welcomes Delta Pet Partners, Therapy Dogs International ( TDI) and Therapy Dogs Incorporated (TDInc) to join the Luv Mutt program.  note change here

Teams consist of one handler and their dog.  Both are registered and evaluated for handling skills and behavior through one of the three organizations authorized to register Therapy Dogs.  The dogs must prove a thorough health screen which includes a fecal test and required vaccinations.
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All the teams go through further evaluation through the Luv Mutts program to assure they are well skilled in maintaining basic obedience behaviors such as: sit, down, stay, wait, leave it, off, proper behavior in elevators, stairs, stores and the all important recall (come).

Dogs chosen to be therapy dogs must demonstrate joy at being touched and both handler and dog need to be engaging with people.  

Luv Mutts Teams are presently visiting Hospice Family Care patients, Las Fuentes, Samaritan Village Prescott and Prescott Valley, Margret T. Morris Adult Day Care Center, Mountain View and the VA Center.  Some of the Luv Mutt Teams are also Gabriel’s Angels and PAWS (Pets Are Warm Support at Yavapai Regional Medical Center) teams as well.

Nearly all the dogs in the Luv Mutts program are from rescues, both pure breeds and mixed. note this addition Some were even on euthanasia lists prior to rescue. The people in the Luv Mutts program are devoted caring individuals who dedicate themselves and their dogs to helping soften the challenges life can present by offering their dogs to be hugged, petted or simply talked to.

The gift of a furry touch to the dying or the family members, to a traumatized child, a patient recovering from surgery or the aged can bring peace and comfort not easily achieved by other options.

The Luv Mutts program is here for the community as a caring loving resource.

Therapy Dogs are not to be confused with Service Dogs

CLICK HERE to review an article describing the differences.
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Prescott dog trainer Andy Lloyd of Dandy Dawgs sponsors therapy dog teams in Prescott, Arizona under Dandy Dawgs Therapy Teams Network.  The teams, called Luv Mutts, are trained through positive reward based dog training techniques.  They are registered Therapy Dog Teams who reach out to the community as a resource for all ages. Call or email Dandy Dawgs today for more information and to arrange an evaluation of your dog if you are interested in becoming a Luv Mutts Therapy Dog Team.
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